Rogers Lawn Service

Rogers Lawn Service

Affordable, Quality Lawn Care in Darlington SC

If you are searching for affordable, quality lawn care in Darlington SC, we may be the answer for you. Rogers Lawn Service, a growing and prospering lawn care company in the Darlington SC area, provides quality lawn care at an affordable price.  

Services we Offer


Strawing and Mulching of Beds

Trimming bushes and small shrubs

Small landscaping

Our Services
Mowing Darlington SC


Mowing is one of our main spring, summer and fall services for residential properties.  We mow any size property.  Included in mowing, is edging of all driveways and walkways, weed eating, and blowing of cut debris so that your property is something to be envied and that you can be proud of.  

Straw and mulch

Another service we offer is strawing and mulching of beds. When a bed is properly strawed or mulched, it adds that perfect touch to the finish of a property.  A nicely kept bed always makes a property superior to those that are unkept.

Straw and Mulch Darlington SC
Lawn Care Florence SC - Shrub Trim

Trimming of shrubs and bushes

Our last service is trimming of shrubs and small bushes.  Shrubs and bushes grow expecially during the warmer months and need trimming from time to time. Rogers OLawn Service can handle your shrub and bush trimming also.  Just let us know.  

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Rogers Lawn Service

Who we Are 

Rogers Lawn Service is a locally owned and operated lawn care service catering to residential customers in the Darlington SC area.  We provide reliable, professional, and courteous lawn care to our clients and their lawn care needs.  It is our intentions to perform our work  with the highest quality possible at an affordable price.       

Affordable Cost

We feel that our prices are very affordable and competitive with other lawn care services in our area.  We are a smaller lawn service in our third year that caters to residential lawn care, and therefore our prices are lower than other large services because of our size.

If you would like an estimate, feel free to call and request one.  We will come to your property, inspect it, and give you a price for which we will cut it.  Click below to give us a call.


We believe our quality of work to be top-notch.  Our number one objective is customer satisfaction for the job we do for our clients.   We take a lot of pride in our work and we aim top earn your business through our performance.  There are no cutting corners.

For an estimate

Or you can email us from our contact page.

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