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Rogers Lawn Service
Lawn Care in Darlington SC

Lawn Care Darlington SC - Welcome To Rogers Lawn Service

Searching for Lawn Care Darlington SC?  If so, you have arrived at the right place. 

Rogers Lawn Service is a locally owned and operated lawn care service catering to the residential customer.  We provide reliable, professional, and courteous lawn care to our clients and their lawn care needs in Darlington, South Carolina.

Our business offers services that include lawn maintenance, shrub maintenance, and straw and mulch applications, and a few others.  It is our goal to make you one of our customers if given the opportunity.  

Services We Offer

Lawn Care Darlington SC - Mow After - 375 x 500

Includes trimming, edging of driveways, sidewalks, etc. and blowing of debris.

Lawn Care Florence SC - Shrub Trim

Trimming of shrubs, bushes.

Lawn Care Darlington SC - Fresh Straw Early Spring

Mulching and strawing of beds.

Re-Edge Beds
Lawn Care Darlington SC - Redefined Bed

Beds that have filled in over time sometimes need to be redefined.  Edging and trenching gives a yard or property that little extra look of class that sets a yard apart from one that does not have it.

How do we price our properties?

When we estimate the cost of a property, our estimate is based on the size of your yard. 

There is a minimum charge that we start our estimates, but all are based on the property area to make the price fair and consistent.  Sometimes, if we feel that we need to charge a little extra, it will be because of obstacles in the yard that would cause the service to be more difficult.    

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Is your lawn service reliable? Are they on time?

When we acquire a new customer, we put that customer on our schedule and that property will be maintained on an agreed upon day of the week and agreed upon frequency of maintenance unless the weather interferes over which we have no control.  Otherwise, we will be at our customer’s property to maintain it on the agreed upon day.

If for some reason other than weather we cannot be there, we notify the customer.  It is important to us to give your property service at the proper time.  It is also healthy for the grass to be cut on a regular basis;  once every two weeks at a minimum.    

Is your lawn care low-quality?

Quality of work is essential to us because we completely understand that low quality work ends up as no customers as it should.  Generally, there a few yards in just about every community that are a prime example of what a poorly kept property looks like.  That is why we take a lot of pride in our work, and we aim to earn your business through our performance. 

We are in the lawn care business to make our client’s properties look the best that we can make them look and as healthy as possible.  It is our policy to guarantee our customers that they will receive only our best efforts as we service your property.  We do a complete job so that you are delighted with our work.  There are No cutting corners.

Is your lawn service committed to the care of your property or are they just interested in doing business with you?

At Rogers Lawn Service, we are committed to our customer and their desires for their property.  We are committed to listening to your feedback and will not leave the job until we are satisfied that what we have done are the results you the client want. 

We feel we are well priced for our full package services.  We take pride in our work and believe it is an excellent cost to value for the residential homeowner.


Our Guarantee:  if our work is unsatisfactory or we miss something, we will come out to your property and fix it free of charge within 24 hours.  We stand behind our work.  It our desire to the best job possible for you on your property and to keep it in top shape. 

Thank You

Thank you for considering our company for your lawn care needs in Darlington SC.  We look forward to serving you and maintaining your property.

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